About the Café

Café Michelle has been a dream of Chef Michelle’s for the last 10 years – and even dating back to her childhood, the dream of owning her own café has never been far from her mind. Café Michelle is a small, local café for those looking to purchase great salads, sandwiches, soups, cookies, cakes and all the things one thinks your local café would have. With the convenience of being freshly prepared daily and conveniently packaged.


Born and raised in New York City, Chef Michelle’s parents Carl and Patricia Richie knew their daughter wanted to own her own business from a young child. She was raised with her older brother, Carl. Chef Michelle is the proud mother of two. Sophia Isabella, 12 ½ and Logan Michael, 10. Sophia’s artwork can be seen throughout Café Michelle.

My Kids

Michelle’s Gourmet Hot Sauce

In 2011 – I needed to create a hot sauce to accompany a signature dish that was sold at a restaurant that I worked at. The customers raved about the sauce and so many said I needed to try and bottle it. Interested in that idea I began to research how I could go about it. Then, having read an article in Bon Appetite magazine about how a woman funded her food truck dream through Kickstarter I began to see my dream of bottling the sauce was possible. In April 2012 I developed a Kickstarter campaign, hired local students from MICA to film my video about my hot sauce. My goal – to raise $5,000 in 30 days to help finance the bottling.  In 29 days I raised $5,135.00 with the help of family, friends, and people who I didn’t even know through my Kickstarter campaign. Shortly, thereafter I was able to sell my hot sauce to local stores in Harford and Baltimore County and even had my hot sauce in Harris Teeters throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

I developed Michelle’s Gourmet Hot Sauce in Original and Exotic Blend. The demands of working full-time, having two small children and working on my MBA made it difficult to continue working on marketing the hot sauce. But, I always said once I got my own cafe open I’d bring it back! I’m so proud to announce Michelle’s Gourmet Hot Sauce is back and will be featured in my Mediterranean Platter.

Award Winning Hot Sauce